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TDTNDG is the new version of Pierce Warnecke/Louis Laurain's duo, a collaboration that has lasted for over twenty years. The principle is based on the invention of a unique device for amplifying the trumpet. Instead of blowing into it, speakers are placed on the ends of the pipes as sound sources, the valves are played to filter and add rhythm to the sound, and a variety of microphones are used to re-amp and process the result. Now instead of a wind instrument you have a mixer and it makes the noise you want (or don't). No more fussing around! It's simple, enjoyable, and a lot less tiring for the horn player. And here we are, back to square one, like twenty years ago, Pierce behind his computer and Louis behind his trumpet. TDTNDG is not smooth or electro-jazz. It's high-pressure, hard hitting, slightly ear-hurting intergenerational fun for the whole family.

Pierce Warnecke: Electronics, synthesizer / Louis Laurain: Trumpet, electronic device.

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