Die Hochstapler

Antonio Borghini : bass

Hannes Lingens : drums

Pierre Borel : alto saxophone

Louis laurain : trumpet

The work of the Italian-French-German quartet "Die Hochstapler" (The Impostors) is
based on questions of language and communication. Rules and strategies developed out of poetry, card games, alphabets and other sources
of inspiration form the grammar for the hochstaplerish discourse.

The main source for these concepts lies in the discovery of the writings of one exceptional musician and linguist from Chicago: Alvin P. Buckley. A pioneering scientific resarcher in the field of probability theory as much as a versatile musician back in Chicago, Buckley retired from active music making after an epiphanic encounter with Stockhausen, but kept writing down ideas for musical games, structures and strategies for collective composition, as well as melodic fragments and short philosophic aphorisms, in his journal.