New solo 100% natural , without electronics.

I started working this new set outdoors because I couldn't work at home. The idea caught on and I made a first version at the Concerts Dispersés in August 2020. A record is on its way. It has been recorded in May 2021 in collaboration with Olga Kokcharova (a Russian sound artist based in Geneva) in a mountain in Haute-Savoie. The idea of ​​the disc is to present the music and the sound environment on the same level and to carry out a sound mapping of the different acoustic spaces of this mountain. The disc will be called le Bargy, the name of the mountain.

I'd like to perform this new set as much as possible outside the usual concert set up, ideally in spaces with remarkable acoustics : forest, mountains, big halls with reverbs, gardens, caves, industrial landscapes... I play without any amplification unless it's needed.


Picture by Léa Lanoé @ Le Bargy mountain, May 2021