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Cornet solo that combines repetitive rhythm, DIY mutes, small percussions and bird calls stuck into the pipes. I started working on this new set during the first months of the pandemic, mostly outdoors because I couldn't work at home. The idea caught on and I made a first live version in August 2020, in forest. Since then I've been playing with this set up in very diverse venues, ranging from unauthorized covid times parties to rather big experimental music events (Sonic Protest, Festival Météo).

Two records will come out this year : a studio album that features most of the pieces I play live. The other one is a project I'm doing in the french alps where I grew up. The idea of ​​this record is to present the music and the sound environment on the same level and to carry out a sound mapping of the different acoustic spaces of a mountain. The record will be called le Bargy, the name of the mountain. ​

If possible I like to perform in spaces with remarkable acoustics: forest, mountains, big halls with reverbs, gardens, caves, industrial landscapes...


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